No way to place furniture or workshops stored in a container


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a chest or crate and configure it to hold furniture.
  2. Remove furniture storage from other stockpiles to insure that any produced item goes into the chest
  3. Create a piece of furniture and wait for it to be stocked in the chest.
  4. Select the chest and select contents
  5. Select the piece of furniture that was just stocked
  6. There is no way to place this piece of furniture

Expected Results:
When selecting a stocked piece of furniture, it should become the active item in the bottom left window, allowing it to be placed.

Actual Results:
The containing chest remains the active item so that the piece of furniture has no way to be placed.

Version Number and Mods in use: develop-2786 (x64), no mods

hey there @Telarin, welcome to the discourse,

there is actually a separate placement UI,

the hotkey is “P” or you can find it under the building tab.


Wow, thanks for pointing that out, didn’t even think about approaching it from that direction.