[NLA] BUG - Swordmane disapper into the ground

Hello All,

Everytime I promote a Soldier and save/load the game, he/she just get “grounded” and only the head shows… they wont move, fight or patrole at all!
On the other hand, until I load the game, they patrole but did NOT fight at all, neither against Goblin Thievs nor agains Raiders.

Any advice what I can do here? My Workers defended three thievs so far but I guess the first Raid will kill my town…

What can I do here?


Hey LuckyAce,

These are know issues and have been fixed on the developer builds.

All we need do is wait for a steam build push.

Hope this helps,

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ANy suggestion how long we wait for this?
Really destorys the feeling…

I don’t know to be honest, but you can mitigate it by following Albert’s advice

“Ok, so this happens when all four corners of a stockpile or farm have solid objects within two blocks of the zone. This is now fixed and will be in the next release. Thanks for the help!”

Keep your stockpiles a good distance away from buildings and farms

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forgot to mention… welcome aboard! :smile: