Nightmare Creatures

Well for starters…

for example, since im pretty sure there’s gonna be realms i think there should be a Nightmare realm…
where even the bravest of soldiers cripple in fear…


if there’s not gonna be a nightmare realm there should be a 10-30% change of a creature being consumed by the dark and turning into a nightmare creature…


What the realm would be like?

And what are nightmare creatures?

oh i could see if your town has a bunch of cultists maybe they end up summoning something evil…


im not a developer idk xD

Aren’t you suggesting these things? You must have thought of something before posting, on how it would be… Or you just stamp the world “nightmare” there and called it done? :wink:

y do you hate me? xD

Lol, you made us all curious with your idea, but then you do not offer any details on it :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, how these creatures would look like? Shadows? Dark ghosts? Dark versions of some other mob? What would they do? Just attack? Any special power? etc… (I’m just curious, I liked the idea)


well im not gonna post anything agian xD

i guess for example,

##For the realm

(btw if your in Normal the NightMares will start to spawn once you open the portal, Hard after 5 days they ca spawn in any darkness, even under trees

there are 3 types of trees
2)Dark Oak

If you cut them you can sell them for about 100 for a full tree but
for each tree you cut a Shadow Log may spawn with a 50% chance

and if your lucky you will find a Dark Village with a chance of 10-30% to spawn a mysterious trader…

With enough gold it can give you a charm to weaken the Nightmares, depending on the level
(more levels are gained by killing stronger nightmares while holding the charm)
Some health will be taken every few seconds
(level 1)5 DMG
(level 2)10 DMG
(level 3)20 DMG
(level 4)25-30 depending on the fighter level
(level 5)50-60 depending on the fighter level
(level 6)100-150 depending on the fighter level

##For the overworld

Any animal can stay in the dark, but without another of its kind by its side the darkness will consume it

If a animal of another kind is close it will start to run

if the animal is not killed it will slowly suffer up to 15 days, if you dont end it it will turn into a boss,
witch if killed will drop Nightmare Ore, anywhere from 50 to 70
(health = 2500)
and if you kill the normal nightmare creatures it will drop some Shadow Flesh, witch can be cooked for a bitter tasting but valuble dish
(price = 50)

##New Classes

Next i think there should be a Shadow Hunter,witch evolves from the knight.
If it is level 3 and has the charm both him/her and the charm will do double damadge

Knight --> Shadow Hunter --> NightmareSlayer

NightmareSlayer is like the Shadow Hunter but uses magic

#To find the entrance

When you start the game there will be a temple in the exact middle of the map

to activate the portal in the middle you will need Corrupted GemStones, witch can be obtained by killing
the 4 bosses, one in every corner

##1)Demon on Fear,
his Special is he can shoot dark purple shards and if they hit will stun a enemy for 5 seconds, for melee attack it has a Freddy cruger style claw hidden and for ranger it has lethal poison, witch is why you will need special gear (He will drop the Gem of Fear)

##2)Demon of physics,
For his room he has a extremely deep/high one, witch can be used for his main attack. His Special is Gravity, he can make your hearthlings go up or down with a extreme force depending or how low he is(low is more force) melee is Disrupt, witch if he hits has a 10% chance to take 50% of your hearthlings Hp (he basically destroyed a organ, yea he isnt the nicest…)And his ranged is Gravity, but to the sides(he gives the gem of Gravity)

##3)Demon of Faith,
His room is like a giant bid, you don’t have to kill him but if you want the gem you will need to bid your hearthlings, the less you bring the less chance you have, 1 = 10%, 2 = 20%
(he will drop the gem of Luck

##4)Demon of knowledge,
he will need 10 - 50 questions (Depending on how far you are in the game)
(for example)
What level does a farmer need to be to make wheat?
for the last veiw it sill be
How much networth do you need for a 20th hearthling?


That is interesting! I liked the charm idea the most, where you get an upgradeable amulet that helps you.


btw sorry i cant explane how they look im not the best at discribing stuff

somehow integrate cultists with a town of salem game something something clever ideas to implement this something


You don’t need to be afraid of posting on the forums, hey. I personally (and I’m sure many others) like seeing new ideas and inputs, and who knows, maybe even the devs will use the ideas in the future (or modders, for that matter).

As for the nightmare creatures idea, I really like it! It’s a great idea. Maybe have it so that (like said before) you need a certain number of cultists to do the ritual to open the portal to the realm. And once the portal has been opened, occasionally nightmare creatures will ‘leak’ into the overworld. So although there is great treasure and riches within, once the portal opens, it makes the game harder (sort of like a minor version of activating Hardmode in Terraria, if anyone has played it).

Keep up the good ideas!


Despite your lack of skill to paint with words @WarLink, i do think you manage to give a great idea here with these nightmare creatures. The details in what that otherworld could have of impact on the normal world is in my eyes irrelevant for now, but the concept of the otherworld and its forces is not.
What are their motivation in their existence? Do they want to live in the normal world? or just destroy it? And if so why?
Do the heartlings go there when they die? do the goblins?
What do the otherworld look like? are there any trees? do they have berriebushes?
Thats why some conceptart would be great, so the background for all the creatures in the otherworld can have a better foundation to grow from.

Please keep posting here on the discourse :slight_smile:

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“do they have trees?”

i said 3 kinds of trees dude xD

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Hehe yea i guess you did :slight_smile: Please dont refer to me as “dude” in the future.
What about the rest of the post? do you have any replies to that? :wink:

k sorry xD im good at life

I just remembered that at the start screen when selection the kingdom, biome and difficult we can (when not on peaceful) see some shadow monsters on the display image. I always thought about them as being the upcoming titans, but it could work this way too.


omg i though they were just like goblins xD

im officially blind

Could be too, at least for now they are just generic “dark forces”.

Though at the desert the shadows are very different, and at the arctic there is a huge monster over the mountain.