Newf's thread of Painting, Terrain and Conversions!

Hello Miniature Wargamers!

I recently got into Warhammer 40K over the summer and I have bought some models, painted them etc. but I find myself in need of some awesome terrain in which my miniatures can wage war against the enemies of the Imperium. So I started looking around the interwebz-device in search of inspiration and along the way I thought:

“I wonder if anyone on the Stonehearth Forum has some cool terrain?”

So I decided to make this thread so we could all share our terrain but then I thought while writing the sentence you, good sir, are reading right now:

“Why limit the thread to just Terrain or Warhammer 40k? Why not have conversions, awesome paint jobs and stuff from other tabletop games such as Warhammer Fantasy, Lord Of The Rings, Warmachine, Infinity or any of the other amazing tabletop games that are out there!?”

So this thread is for everyone to share terrain, conversions, paint jobs etc. or even just ideas! The thread is your crustacean! I might even share some of my models if I can figure out how to get the camera-mabob-device-majigger to work.

-@Newf Hobbyist


Games Workshop should have a bunch of ideas and tutorials for making terrain on their site, and yes, this being WH40K you can pretty much use any kind of fantasy or sci-fi terrain and not have to worry too much about it. I bought quite a few packs of simple hills in the past (not Warhammer-specific ones either) covered in that fake grass they use that have served me well.

If you want to make something yourself, you probably can’t get simpler than Necron crystal formations:

Just lumps of polystyrene cut with a hot wire and painted. Give them a lick of black or dark green paint (uhm… maybe not spray paints though, might melt them :stuck_out_tongue: ) and add a lick of green to the edges, then a coat or two of green wash / ink all over.

For your pictcorder, just remember to apply the sacred unguents whilst chanting the Rite of Activation, then hit the rune of awakening on it. Any other way will guarantee to anger the Machine Spirit*.

*If it’s from the forgeworld of Samsung, in which case you must use the Rite of Obedience, because otherwise tentacles.

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I was hoping there would be more posts :frowning: Maybe @Geoffers747 would post some of his models or something. Right now I am trying to build a Retribution-Class Battleship:

I have a bunch of cardboard boxes duct-taped together and once I get enough Newspaper I will paper maché them. Then I shall cut/carve up some Styrofoam and the paper/cardboard stuff you use in architecture modelling and stick them on. The hardest things to do will probably be the giant Eagle statue and the eagle at the prow. I would put up pictures but my phone has been possessed and the camera has hid itself because it is now terrified of my phone.

  1. Oh he’s trying out Battlefleet Gothic models - cool, but those Imperial Navy battleship components were a pain to work with.
    Reads down some more
  2. Wait what?!

Good lord, you realise those things are several times the size of a star destroyer, right? You could build a decent 40K battlefield out of just the tops of one of the lance turrets :laughing: .

Anyway, good luck with it, love to see some pics once the daemon is exorcised from the phone :slight_smile: .

I prayed to the machine god and he sent me the idea of using Photobooth on my Mac. So here are the pictures!!! (The machine god didn’t tell me however, that the picts would be really grainy)

Here are my Space Marines. Originally part of Dark Vengeance I don’t like Dark Angels so I painted them 2 different custom chapters.

Say hello to 24 cultists (The 25th is in the process of being converted due to him performing amazingly in the test game I played with me friend.) and their buddy, A Nurgle-ified Helbrute!

Those are all my painted models. Forgive me for the terrible paint jobs, I am only starting :wink:

Here is my progress on the Retribution-Class Dreadnought WIP.

Here is a close up of the bridge area and the wings that go off to the side. The grey box in the centre is where the Eagle Statue will go.

Here is an image from the side. I have placed my ship on my pool table as is evident in this pict.

Here is the front. The boxes at the prow in the arrow shape are just there to symbolize the Ram-thing at the prow.

Another image like the one above. Here you can see the cardboard Kitchen roll at the front, Which will be the cannon usually mounted under the prow.

Hope you like it, Criticism and feedback will be gladly appreciated.

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I’d put the open tops of the boxes on the underside BTW, and… hmm. Ideally you want a nice smooth surface for the tops and sides on which to build (and place models)… could try looking into some plasticard or something like that perhaps. Also of course great big piles of industrial machinery and gothic buildings, but first thing is to get a nice structure to build upon.

I was going to have the battle going on inside the ship and then use Architecture board (It is s bit like cardboard but stronger and smoother.) and styrofoam on the top so that you could fight on the top if you wanted but it would not be just on the top. I feel it could make for some really cool boarding battles and maybe a crash landing one or something.

This will probably be the hardest to get and build with.

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Check me out on CMON:

Though to be honest I dont put many pics up there as my photography sucks.

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Nice, What armies do you collect? As there is a fair scattering of miniatures. Many from different armies.

I’ve been fairly tempted to get into 40k, having spent the past year and a half on /tg/ and its archives on Suptg, but I don’t quite have the funding with which to build an army yet.

I’m a bit torn between Orks and Necrons, being as big a fan of swarm warfare as I am.

I preferred the previous version of Codex: Necrons, when they were all C’Tan slaves rather than “Tomb Kings In Spaaaace!” :frowning: . Went for a classic featureless-metal-warrior look to mine (yay for boltgun metal spraypaint - job 90% done :laughing: !), with a black Monolith with lots of green ink wash, and a traditionally-coloured Nightbringer (ie black cloaks, pale blue/grey skin) to lead it.

Orks… eh, never really got into them. I mean, they’re funny & all (English football hooligans in space, basically), but I prefer some of the other races.

Couldn’t speak to the game mechanisms of either, if only because it’s been so long since I played - you probably know more if you’ve been reading /tg/ - but that may not matter if you’re more interested in the collecting part of the hobby :wink: .

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I dont play anything GW, the game writers have openly said they change the rules each edition just to promote sales. I do play Flames of War, started to tinker with bolt action and am curious with infinity. More than anything im a painter, and make a decent amount of side cash doing so.

Nothing much wrong with that TBH so long as it sells :wink: . I’ve got piles of old Codices still should I want to play under a previous edition of Warhammer 40K, so there we go.

On the other hand, have you tried some of their more specialist games? All the Battlefleet Gothic rules can be downloaded for free (and legally :open_mouth: !), and haven’t changed since god-only-knows when.

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I do really enjoy their fluff as a surprisingly comedic race in a GrimDark universe. Essentially, British Mushrooms with the ability to bend reality to their will, but lack the intelligence to realize that they have this ability.

Also, who doesn’t want to let out a good WWAAAAAAAGH in the middle of a crowded game store?

There specialist games always were the best, but HQ have openly said they will never return to that model as it didn’t promote enough sales. Failcast was the final nail in the coffin, now I only paint GW stuff if someone pays me. The models are so bland (imo) compared to the competition I have little motivation to paint them for myself. Im bitter about the lore as well, as amazing as it is its a blatant copy of other people work, which would fine if GW then didnt turn around and try and sue anyone else who also copies that original work. The novels are great though, its the $1 romance novel for men.

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I have some WH40k and WFB, though I only ever really play WFB every now and then. Games Workshop have priced themselves right out of my market, as well as generally just being horrendously anti-customer with many of their decisions regarding third party stockists, international sales and the rest.

Dust Tactics has received some love in my area.

If you’re going to get into WH40k it’s usually ALWAYS cheaper to buy non-GW miniatures and use them instead.

I think they might be a little OP. I have seen their Scarab Swarms demolish squads way too much, So while you might not make much friends with them your certain to win.

Here is a Youtube channel that did a Campaign with Necrons (A campaign is a bunch of Battle reports connected with story)

And here is the first episode. Every second mission you have to join a pay to watch thing. It is not that expensive and definitely worth it.

The Orks in my opinion look really fun if you don’t mind having to do some detailed painting. I was considering playing them myself. (Obviously I went for Space Wolves, Just got Logan Grimnar today as well).

Here is the same channel from above’s pretty awesome Orc vs. Imperial Guard vs. Tyranids. campaign.

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