The age old argument, Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40,000?

So, after completing my Space Wolf army (It’s not that big and I will probably buy a few more things for it), failing a terrain project and completing a terrain project (I will take a few pictures and post it on my 40K thread if enough people show interest), I find myself with a little bit of cash to throw around. So I could get the starter kit for Warhammer Fantasy but I am not sure if getting into fantasy will be worth it and if I should just increase my Space Wolves’ ranks with new recruits.

Saying all this, I have bought the End Times: Thanquol book and really enjoyed the lore (40K lore is still better, the only thing it lacks is Skaven, Lizardmen and Dwarves (Space Wolves are sort of Dwarves though…I guess…)) and I have watched a few Fantasy battles on Youtube and it seems fun.

And now, I have brought my conundrum to you guys because I am too lazy to do more research.

First of PICTURES (Because the armies are awesome)

Second i would recommend keeping to on of the 2 for a start as it is expensive and being able to invite over a friend to play against you with a second army or having a more customizable army are more fun than having 2 non compatible armies.

They are equally fun to play though but as a fantasy fanatic i keep to that side when talking lore.