New class system and Skill system

So i know someone already made something close to this i think mine is better

#So for the start…

the current class system is good i think it should be more needy

##Here is the skill system
For strengh the need to carry resources and minne
For speed they need to craft stuff, carry food and run (they will randomly run every now and then, and when there are enemies)
For intelligence they need to craft,explore and experience the world as normal (go on with there daily lives)

##—For fighting classes—
Warriors need - 6 Strengh 2 speed and 3 intelligence
Knights need 8 strengh 5 speed and 5 intelligence
Archers need 2 strengh 7 speed and 8 intelligence

3 strench 0 speed and 4 intelligence

6 strengh 2 speed and 5 intelligence

4 strengh 4 speed and 0 intelligence

That’s it for now :smiley: