[New Builder] Objects sometimes not being placed and ignored

I wanted to build a big fence surrounding the poyo coop with the new builder in order to protect them from attacks, but I noticed that my hearthlings left a few openings, thus leaving my poor poyos and the chicks to die

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In my case, make a big fence area
  2. Watch the hearthlings build
  3. Look at the finished structure for missing objects

According to the new builder, the structure was deemed done. I also was unable to place fences on the missing spots because in the blueprint view they are present, thus blocking my way to place it. If I place it a block further away, the placement gets registered, but my hearthlings ignore it.

During the construction of the fence, my hearthlings got attacked before, which may have interfered with the construction.


This is truly heartbreaking :frowning:

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