[New Builder][Multiplayer] Massive performance hits when building huge buildings

Heyo, not sure if this is the correct channel to report it - but I’ve noticed that when building a pretty huge building (think 100x100) the game elements are chugging enormously. (i.e. the hearthlings are lagging around and the shadows are lagging, but the game itself is running without any FPS issues)

The issues resolves themselves almost immediately after stopping the building.

I can post the save if it helps!

The same thing happened to me! It was some yellow process taking up all dedicated memory. It resolved itself upon reload.

New bug:

Spawned a few buildings in the editor which now can’t be built or deleted, and if I try to delete them with the console or bin it will delete a random building instead… killing me here Stonehearth 8(

That one can probably be fixed by saving and reloading, had that one before

Saving and reloading didn’t fix it! Only reason I reported it :frowning:

1525382959865.7z (7.2 MB)
Attached our multiplayer map with the second issue!

Devs will probably want the save game to see what’s happening then :o