Never been able to harvest logs

I’m new to the game. I chopped down a lot of trees and have a bunch of logs laying around. How do I harvest the logs?

Hey there @nowdothedoge, welcome to the Discourse!

Going to start with the basics here: did you create a stockpile?

I just now created a stockpile.

Oh… I think I got it now.


Great, have fun! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Do my hearthlings automatically harvest the logs?

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Assuming that they do not have other tasks to complete (like mining, building, eating, sleeping, etc.) they should automatically harvest items on the ground (like logs).

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Ok. Thank you. It’s now working fine.


If you click on the little Hearthling button on the user interface, it will tell you what each of your Hearthlings is doing at that time. Picking up logs, stones, etc. will show as “Restocking items” :slight_smile: You can also use that to suspend activities like mining or building to force your hearthlings to go restock things.

If your HL are idling for too long, don’t hesitate to tell us :smile: