Hearthlings are not gathering resources from afar

Hi all! So I recently started playing the latest build and noticed an issue with resources. At first I thought it was just a weird glitch but it happens every game I start. I am not sure what is happening at this point. No error pops up. It’s just… resources are not being gathered.

Pictures included.

Hearthlings not doing anything

resources not far are not being collected.

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I was having this problem before… I think they don’t notice resources that are far away…
So what you need to do is use the loot command in the combat menu.

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I saw this on video but it worked itself out. Are you sure they have ladder to actually go there?

I remember, I’ve had this issue (or something along the same lines for some time)

Being berries, do the Hearthlings tend to not harvest it… But when low on food, they go all the way out there and just eat it on the spot by the bushes? (This is what happened to me)

Usually, they don’t collect it to the stockpile due to having other … more pressing matters to attend to :stuck_out_tongue:
Like building… harvesting trees… Sitting round the campfire telling jokes/stories… Being lazy slobs and sleeping the night away. :stuck_out_tongue: heh.

I usually use the loot button. There is one caveat though…

Sometimes they don’t return everything they loot to the stockpile… Shifty Hearthlings that they are.

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