Nephilegend, Join Now and Become a Legend Today

Hello fellow Stone Hearthians! Feashrind here to welcome all Stone Hearthians to Nephilegend!

Nephilegend is a new clan that is looking for potential members to join!

First, what is Nephilegend all about? Nephilegend is a dedicated recreational and competitive gaming clan. We play every game and any game. what are the perks to joining Nephilegend? Dedicated Teamspeak 3 server, dedicated Minecraft server, prized tournaments, and a Nephilegend signature to show off how legendary you are! How do I join Nephilegend? Well, we will have a temp site ready in the next month or so, but to join now just email ( me your Steam username and I will add you to the group until a site is ready!

Like I said, this is a new clan with only one member, me. I’m looking for anyone who wants to get involved in the development of a new clan.

Do I get a special reward for first member? If so, I’m in!

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Oh yeah, I forgot to add. To any member that joins now will have the title as Founder. Also, there is a challenge for the end of the month. Whoever can recruit the most people will win a $25.00 game off of Steam courtesy of me.

@Dwalus if you want to become the first member, i would bestow you the title of “The First Member”, and possibly a moderator rank.

Okay, that sounds cool. :slight_smile:

@Feashrind - I would be interested as well, How about perks for #2?

I tried to email you, but it got bounced

Ah, I see my flaw as to why no Stone Hearthians messaged me… It’s .

Is there a focus on what type of games or is it just whatever doesn’t matter.

gonna join anyway as the #3 :smiley:

As for right now, no. Like I said we are a recreational/competitive clan/guild. So it’s basically at the moment just a whole bunch of mess. What I want to see is Minecraft, Gmod, Battlefield, WoW, and a whole bunch more of games. Have some competitive games and just some fun recreational games. If you have any ideas, that’s awesome! I’m 100% interested in feedback towards the improvement of supported games.

ok @feashrind - I just sent you an email!