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Hello all,

I have a gaming guild that’s been around for a while and is very active. We have about ~20 active members, but we are looking to grow the group into something more. We focus on a wealth of games including Stonehearth (mainly strategy, sandbox, and adventure), and we have a few game servers for the group, as well as a discord text/voice server.

As I mentioned before we are looking to get more members, but we are aiming towards a certain demographic of gamers. To solve this problem I’ve created an application form: Lotheran’s Hall Application Form (since it would be chaos to try to get to know everyone through this thread).

If you’re interested please leave fill out the application and leave a message in this thread saying that you did. If you are apart of the audience of people we are looking for, I’ll send a PM your way with some more info about how join our servers, steam group, discord, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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