Need More Minions! Plus military idea

Hi all,

Been playing for several weeks now! Great game, love watching the building blocks of life developing around my minions.

Im in the process of building a castle. But there’s the issue. Its taking forever!!! With all the jobs taken for important day to day running of the community, there are only 5 spare jobs, and only 4 military personnel.

Hardly enough to build and fortify a castle.

To build a castle, I feel that stone engineering (like a castle) should have at least 10-15 personnel overseen by an engineer. Granted a stone mason can chop blocks, but an engineer is required to oversee construction.

Secondly, 4 personnel, 3 x knights and 1 x healer is a poor excuse for a defensive budget! I need at least 15-30 military personnel. mixed bag of footmen, few knights and archers/crossbow men would be good.

Then there are military formations, patrols and sentry positions. We should be able to have sentries, and when hitting “R” all the military should mobile to the battlements.

This then brings me on to missions… as dictated by The King!. targets to be destroyed on the field, invasion forces. Think stronghold!

just my 2p…

If you’re just wanting a higher cap of 'lings, it’s a setting in your…settings. Theoretically, if you manually edit your user_settings.json, you can have even more than 50.

OMG !! ! ! ! ! ! ! SOOOOO EXCITED

if you dont hear from me… im building an army

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