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Hey me again. I am currently deeper in one of my games and have a few questions I’d like to ask about; How do you maintain in inventory? up until this stage I been manually adding stuff when its done. but i’d like to setup maintains so I don’t have to set 100 for a task and leave it for a while before adding it again.

  1. To maintain an item, it has to be craftable. There is no feature to “maintain” wood logs, or corn, for example.
  2. Open the corresponding crafter’s queue, and select the item you wish to maintain.
  3. In the bottom right, change from Craft to Maintain, and type the number of items you wish to maintain.

Let me know if this makes sense.


Well its been 24 hours so should be able to talk again now :slight_smile: Thanks for your help on this topic. I did want to ask; how do water blocks act in game? I would like to add a moat to my fortress town, but I dunno how water acts to do so and I don’t really wanna make a large land scar before I have a reasonable idea on how the water tiles react to suddenly having space

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At the moment, water is buggy, as @Albert, the primary developer of the code, has been busy with other game features like combat.

How it works: water will flow wherever it can, based on gravity. If you cut a moat, and then allow water to flow into it, it will as long as the moat is lower than the large body of water. Be aware that water is limited, there is currently no equivalent of a “source block” like in Minecraft.

Tip: Be sure to save before playing with water!


ah not enough water on my (primary) map then. thanks for letting me know. What happens if water flows into a square with a hearthling btw?

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They swim! Make sure to build ladders for them to get out, so they can sleep and eat.

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Pool Party Hearthling summer update. complete with fried Poyo


Hey, I just got my first cleric (as I didn’t wanna upgrade yet) And looking at the job stuff I see stuff from other class’s that is locked. Do I level up in those class’s to unlock that?

Be Yee Friend or Foe?

So these two have just been standing… and watching for a while now… Is this normal? Are they judging me?

One of the two has mysteriously vanished :o

They’re hostile!
They might eventually attack your town so aybe take them down before they havea chance to kill a good Hearthling!

And maybe they are judging you? Maybe you killed to many rocks in te mountain?

They both vanished :o Spooky Rock guys just came and stared at my village for 3 - 4 days

Mybe you didn’t have an entrance for them to enter? I’ve seen some goblins just vanish after a while because my town was fortified to a point where there was no clear entrance

Nope~ I don’t even have an outer wall :o spooky huh?

Yeah… Maybe they where old and kind golems that watched over you and protected you from a disance and they left after deeming you capable of defeending your lill town!


All Hail the Stone Guardians Kings of the mountain!

Hey, I just got my first cleric (as I didn’t wanna upgrade yet) And looking at the job stuff I see stuff from other class’s that is locked. Do I level up in those class’s to unlock that?

Is this right?

Indeed it is!
Footmen cna either remain a footman and deal large damage with low defence or branch off to two other combat classes!

Knight(shield icon) has massively hight defence and low damage, taking aggro from your emenies and helping your other combat classes survive

Archer(bow icon) has hight damage with ranged attacks with armour piercing capabilities, effective against high armored enemies like orgs, golems and knights

You’ll usually need all the classes in different compositions in order to make your troops extra powerfull, but if you’re not in Hard Mode, I think you’ll usually be okay with a couple of all the classes

I was looking to the cleric, as it needs stuff from the footman path. but I was under the impression that if you swapped jobs you lost all experience in the previous one. So how do I get footman 6 and Herbalist 4?

Oh no, the cleric shouldn’t need anything from footman. By any chance, was your cleric once a footman?