All i want for Christmas is a waterspawner :D

Bit early to write wishlists i know :stuck_out_tongue: i guess a despawner or maybe just a water mover/portal would be nice as my canals are running low and dry and my roman Aqueducts transport only wet dreams ! :stuck_out_tongue: (not really made the Aqueducts yet, but its in the back of my head! )

Either ways thanks for making a great game :smiley:


There was, at one point, a pair of mods to do both things – the original Water Mod contained spawners and despawners, although they had to be placed with the console; and the Mechanical Mod added pumps. Unfortunately, both mods have fallen by the wayside now.

However, we have the Engineer in-game… it only makes sense for them to be able to construct pumps. I honestly don’t care that there’s no other use for the water yet, I’m happy to throw a few steel ingots into the means to move water around “legit” to create functional fountains and waterfalls that won’t run out after a minute or so.

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as faar as i can tell the water mod just activated stuff from the devs :slight_smile: no clue about the pumping!

But seems to be currently water movement has some …issues :stuck_out_tongue: so i guess thats why it was removed But still cant wait to see it back in the game so i can build some fancy water works stuff.

The water mod added spawners and drains on top of activating the water (which wasn’t generating in the world at the time), and also added interaction between hearthlings and water through a thirst system.

In the vanilla game, water can be “picked up” or “detected” by items, and the methods to add or remove water are there but not active (that is, there’s nothing to make use of those features).

As for moving water in the game currently, it’s mostly a question of giving it the space to flow without it spilling over the sides. Waterfalls tend to splash water all over the place, but you can create a vertical “pipe” to cleanly move water between levels. Water will even equalise between two containers/holding ponds, and it’s possible to create a fountain with these mechanics.

However, water tends to spray out the end of any open channel; hence why it gets so messy to work with. There are also issues with having large volumes of water trying to equalise; especially if you have a “face” of water (like a cliff-face, or think of a tidal wave) which makes contact with other water flowing near it.