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while job abilities don’t persist through promotions, levels do, so you’ll need more exp to level up someone that has another past job and levels, but it doesn’t mean you can’t max out on all the jobs, it just means you need extra time to level them up

nope? Not as far as im aware?

Hmm. Can you upload a screenshot of what you’re looking at?

There you go?

Yeah. You’re looking at the abilities that were retired when the hearthling’s job was changed. You’ve must’ve had that hearthling be a footman, then a herbalist, then promoted them to a cleric.[quote=“Hyrule_Symbol, post:21, topic:22714”]
while job abilities don’t persist through promotions,

This is true. Your hearthling earned those abilities as a footman, but when they were promoted, the abilities were retired.

Nope even level 1 is locked. Interesting huh?

Yeah. That appears to be because you promoted the footman to something else before he even had the chance to be a level one footman, therefore he never unlocked that ability, but it still shows as retired.

Huh neat thanks. :slight_smile: now I can ignore that ability :smiley: I thought it was like a cross class perk if you was a footman before a cleric.

Nope. Although it would be cool if some ability like that was implemented, nothing currently is.

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I was going to say to stay the **** away from their heavy fists and they will probably leave you be.
Or not.
But I really like Hyrule’s version way better.

[quote=“thelegorebel, post:25, topic:22714”]
This is true. Your hearthling earned those abilities as a footman, but when they were promoted, the abilities were retired.
[/quote] An interesting (and perhaps useless) fact: when a hearthling is promoted or changes jobs, he

  • loses current progress to the next level
  • gets most/all of his previous abilities "retired"
    I say “most” because the cook, for example, can still tend to crops like a farmer (although I have no idea if his old farming abilities still apply).
    However you can promote any hearthling back to any of his/her previous jobs restoring all of his/her old abilities.

It seems I like poking strangers with interesting (and potentially useless) facts.

Is there a way to cancel a order to build a fence?

No real way to do it, but using the ‘destroy’ console command on the ghost version seems to work

How do I do this as I have a bad ghost image that appears unbuildable and removable.

What do you mean by that?

The fence was in process of being built but the workers aren’t placing it.

Well, the console comman isn’t some button that you can click on, it’s a command that isn’t in the game

Use Ctrl+C to open it and click on the ghost you want to remove (it has to be selected) and type ‘destroy’ in the console, it’ll remove the ghost, and cancle the placement

Usually making a way for the Hearthlings to place the item and then removing or moving it is a better option if you want to avoid console commands, but we have ways anyways

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Yeah I tried Placing another fence task over the first and it didn’t work, Tried making the terrain invalid and it didn’t work, and tried clearing the entire area around it and It was still being ignored so I think it bugged out.

Villagers will often fail to build things if there’s something blocking them from doing it, or they’re currently eating. There may be other things that keep them from doing tasks, but I don’t know what those are, yet.

Its nothing to do with that, though with commands I solved the issue anyway.