[NaB] Weaver workbench is stuck - no error

I wish I could attach the screenshot, the forum doesn’t seem to let me do it since I am a new user.

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feel free to toss an image on imgur.com and one of the moderators can embed it for you (until you’re able to do so yourself)…

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if you upload the picture to a photo sharing site, like imgur.com, then i can embed it for you.

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Here you go: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

do you have the required materials? if you dont, your weaver cant make the item.

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@shovhans This is something there working towards in the crafters UI update which will allow for the proper relay of information to the player. You can look at there progress here if your interested:
Desktop Tuesday: UX Mockups
I had the same idea a few times when making some of my own items, happy to know Team Radiant is on the case.


Of course there’s no error since it’s you who don’t have the required ingredients :sweat_smile:

So yeah, don’t worry, there’ll be feedback to the user once they release the new crafters system.

Thanks, looking forward to the new update.

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