[NaB] Unusuable doors

Hi, when I create a custom plan for a house and I place a door, the door gets built but there is a wall behind it so no one can enter or exit the building. Not sure if this is a bug or am I placing it wrong somehow?

hey there @soth … can you provide any additional information? perhaps toss up a screenshot illustrating what you’re trying to do?


i tried all 3 doors and when they open you see a wall behind them. No one can enter to place beds or anything. This happens everytime I try to create a custom floorplan and has been this way in the last 3 versions.

If I use a pre-created floorplan and don’t do a custom one it works.

goofy question, but i have to ask: so as you are developing the custom floorplan, you are selecting and placing a door in the blueprint, prior to initiating the construction, yes?

and I think it helps to have those materials previously constructed as well (as in, sitting and waiting in a stockpile before you begin construction)…

to me it looks like instead of one, two walls were built…

I think this might be the problem too. If you’ve already started construction on a building (custom or otherwise), trying to add more doors will definitely add them to the outside of the wall instead of in the wall.

Obviously it would be ideal to be able to have the hearthling just knock out a chunk of wall when you try to add a new door or window to an existing building, but it doesn’t seem to be possible yet.

I figured out what I was doing wrong sorry. I had been placing the doors using the place furniture button outside the floorplan design as i didn’t realize I could just click on the empty door to place them that way. My mistake

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thanks for the follow up @soth, please close this now @SteveAdamo @Relyss :smile:

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