[NaB] [A10.345x64Steam] Many errors, placed window in existing building

I was bad…again

…placed a new window into an allready built building.
They built the scaffolding but then crashicrashcrash…

Screenshots below:

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what is this madness!

the game does give you this message when you go to build,

Really start building?

“once you begin building this structure it cant be edited, are you sure you want to build now?”

you should always read the games notes :wink:

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Unless you were placing only the frame. But apparently you were trying to add a new window, so…

there, I fixed it for you…

Thanks anyway for reporting, @Bassti

ah yes, thats what i meant to say :wink:

You could change it as long as it was before the wall got built. Since Alpha 10, maybe part way in one of the patches, it no longer works. By editing the building during the foundation stage, I can get them to leave spaces for windows once building reaches the new windows, but they complete the building and don’t place the windows in the new slots. Entering blueprint mode the windows show on the building as “ghost” placements.
The amount of times I forgot to place a window, prior to the patch, and changed it later. No more it seems. So big tip: Get it right the first time.

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@8BitCrab I think I see myself as an not-payed tester for the devs.
I do lots of silly things just to provoke crashes and errors.

I did game-developing before and we call users like me “DAU”,
Dümmster anzunehmender User (german for something similar to the english used “BDU” / “EIFOK”)

  • I hated our BDUs because they found many many bugs I created, but I loved them too, because they found many many bugs I was able to squish out.

Building a window into a existing house was not the silliest idea I ever had with stonehearth. ^^
“Emptying” a lake into a pre-built channel was dumb too, but this error resulting was allready known. ^^

To come back to my error: my hearthlings started to build a scaffolding but then they did not “put out” the blocks.
Maybe you can deactivate allready build buildings in the place-windows-and-stuff-like-that-routine of the build-mode.

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so was it similar to this, except with windows instead of doors?

Nope, they just built the scaffolding.
No window placing around not-removing blocks or things like that.

But they all seem broken after that error.
My personal feeling is, that with alpha.10 the scaffholding needs an overhaul, because sometimes the hearthlings can´t reach the places they want to reach with that scaffolding.
Building a single-block object near and placing a ladder on it then allows them to move. (on top of a roof i.e.)

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