[NaB] Game closes when I take a screenshot

I was trying to take a pic of one of my buildings and every time I press the steam screenshot keep my whole games closes. I switch the key too another key bind and it still closes. Was wondering has anyone else experience this. Doesn’t happen in any other game I play only this one

hey @mikej3 … first I’ve heard of taking a screenshot crashing the game…

can you give us your system details? are you running the latest A7 build?

I just tried again and it worked fine, that was weird, don’t know what fixed it but it now works…hmm

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I’m gonna make a wild guess and say that something weird happened with Steam. Did you restart Steam before it worked again?

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Yeah I restarted my laptop and it worked fine, Think it was steam


excellent… thanks for the follow-up! :+1:

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