[NaB] Camera tutorial always appear on new games

Hi guys!, i am pretty sure this question has been asked before, but i don´t remember very well where i found it, so this is my question, How can skip the tutorial at the beginning?.
Thx in advanced ;).

It should only appear the one time. If it keep reappearing though…

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@Teleros I’m not sure if his “problem” is concerning the start of a new game or the continuation of a saved one…

Anyway, therefore I can’t answer your question either.

Have a good one. :smile:

I think he refers to the camera tutorial. Seems like older versions can’t read the “hide_help”->“camera” settings so the game always repeats that tutorial. That said, I don’t know what to do with this topic. Maybe tag it as Not-a-Bug and close it? But I’m not entirely sure if what I suspect is true or not…

Ah yeah, I see what he means now… :slight_smile:
I’d list it as a bug. You’re the moderator here though! It’s your decision… :wink:


Well, by some messages seems that Tracas has solved his problem.

Notice that in the Humble Bundle version this might happen, but I’m convinced that it’s because the version is older (may some dev correct me if I’m wrong :sweat_smile: ).

Anyway, if someone else has this same problem in the future, I’ll reopen the topic.