Make instructional camera popups skippable

The messages at the start of a new game that describe how to move the camera, turn it, zoom in and out etc. are a bit difficult to get rid of (read: impossible) if, for example, your mouse wheel is broken, as is the case for my mouse at the moment. Of course, you want to replace such a mouse anyway, but for such situations, as they occur, I think it would be good to be able to get rid of the messages in another way, perhaps by clicking a little cross in the top right of the message dialog.

Alternatively, it may be an idea to always have there be a keyboard alternative to camera movements/controls, e.g. the plus and minus keys for zooming. Of course, there’s already WASDQE, so I guess zooming would be all that would be left in that regard.


your particular/odd circumstance aside :wink: , the suggestion to allow “skipping” the initial help information seems like a reasonable request… I don’t know that I would classify this as a bug though…

this would fit better under suggestions I think…

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Ah, that might be a good point. Sorry about that. Feel free to move it :slight_smile: