Restarting the tutorial

When I started the game, I had a tutorial, but I was forced to close the game and if I didn’t have that game saved and in a new game I do not get a tutorial. Is there a way to enable it or delete saved settings to enable it?

well one way it gets returned is to remove the stonehearth files, leaving savegames, saved objects, screenshots and mods files where they are. You can then install the game again and start a new game which will start you off with the tutorial.

You could relocate the savefile so the game thinks there is no previous started game but i’m not sure if that works.

It is in the user_settings.json file in the game’s folder.

change this section:

"tutorial" : {
     "hideStartingTutorial" : true


"tutorial" : {
     "hideStartingTutorial" : false