Mythica _races, monsters and more_

Hi all im DragoKen and this will be my mod(or atleast the idea for my mod untill i can get my software in order :grin: ) .

As the title says i will be working out a fantasy oriented mod wich will implement all kinds of monsters,creatures and races (orc’s, animal hybrids, etc) i will most likely add magic in aswell if it is possible (or rely on another mod to do it for me if i really like their style(with their permission ofc)).

My starting point will be adding (for me atleast) one of the most famous fantasy creature there is, the dragon.
How they are going to be implemented into a game will need alot more think work on my part but you will be able to tame, capture, befriend or even just outright kill wild ones for their eggs and resources.

And a anthromorph race fitting to dragons (the dragonkind, draconians or whatever name that will be decide upon) wich will also be a trend i will try to follow (like when i ever implement orcs i will implement wargen(or something) with them and probably add in random creatures aswell that kinda fit with said race or main creature)

For now this is just something i came up with and will need to be worked out more.
So for now this is my idea, hope when it gets going it will be well received :grin:.

Dat egg Update

Finished a Brown/earth dragon egg note to self colouring a round object with boxes is uhm intresting :laughing:.

(Here the blank one painted one and sandy version of the painted one all together)

Red dragon egg

1Sth Dragon Update

Made myself a wee lil dragonwhelp(cub, youngling whatever).

Loving it especially the wing \o/

1sth Draconian Update

So based off a vanilla citizen (i think its one, i got it off of @voxel_pirate iirc thx for that again) and do not fret i will change some more things like the colour of his shoulders(Wich i totally love got it off voxel_pirate’s dwarf and it stuck to me) his hair and clothes.

Nest Update

Made a simple nest for the dragons although im not 100% happy with this it will do the trick for now o and if you see more than 2 close to eachother they will for a den biome wich is harder to aproach than a simple nest (or a pair of nests) BUT (this is something thats in my may put in list \o/) in said dens there lies a mysterious metal wich the dragons are fond of, they even try to pry it from the walls to put it in the nests.

DAT Wyvern Update

And here is a cousin of the dragon, the wyvern these guys dont really hesitate to chomp your head off nor gnaw on (in the future maybe) a city’s livestock since they arent as intelligent as their cousins but maybe there is a way to make use of them.

_ 1Sth animation update \o/_

Yay i am finally on the doorstep to animating my first creature for this mod xD, still needs some fine-tuning and maybe a change to the wings ( made them bendable, might go for 100% blocky but meh i’ll see).
Dragon whelp rigging done


good luck with your mod! :+1:

here’s a few threads that might serve as inspiration for your dragons…

@SteveAdamo Yes indeed those are some quite nicely done dragons :grin:.
Thanks for the links, the only hard part in animating the big one atm should be his wings if im seeing it right (hard but not impossible, should add alot of extra voxels into them add bones to them etc so you can actually fold them open and closed wich will be ALOT of work) but yeah when i add dragons i will (if possible, if not i shall find a way!!!) make them mountable wich would totally own xD especially if they can fly.

Cant wait for the beta to come out so i can actually see how everything will fit into their style and how much coding i will have to do( not that it will be a problem since i do study for that stuff but still coding should always be minimal, less code less bugs ^^).

Im really feelin like im painting easter eggs haha :smiling_imp:

Mkay day 2, im working on the dragons \o/ first up the whelp or cub or whatever.

Almost got its basic model done but MAN there will be alot of joints that can bend (that or im adding WAY to much detail but hey if it works then ill be happy).

Not completely happy how its looking atm though (will post the model when i finish its foreleg)

I really dont like the look of its front leg :rage:

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If you don’t mind, when I get my new computer (I will get it by 2014), can I help by making a few models for some races? (My ideas for races: batpeople (which are my original idea, I might add, everything else is not), dwarves, gnomes, elves, canis sapiens (dog people), trolls, and orcs.)

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@DinoD123 i wouldnt mind personally, but for races that are already done i’ll be asking the people that have those races if i can add them to the pack (probably) and add creatures to them that fit said race (if they didnt already).


Still stuck on the dragons foreleg sheesh im so not used to blocks :grimacing: but i cant keep stumbling over that little problem forever so ill be finishing the whelp soon and gonna make a adult version (bigger chests for males and fire/earth dragons) and really complex wings man :grin: SO MANY BONES will be added to them but hey they WILL be foldable!!! IT SHALL BE DONE!!!

Yay stonehearth alpha 1 is almost there \o/ pitty im still saving up for cubicle but meh that will be taken care of in 2-3 more weeks and then i can focus on animating them and looking for sounds (cute welp sounds and heavy roars yaaaay)

keep at it this mod sounds cool :smiley:

How do I get a file of stonehearth people?

What do you mean? A copy of the game?

Or, a settler file for Qubicle Constructor?

I think he means qubicle files to edit the stonehearth people (settlers) :wink:

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A file of a settler or plural settlers so I can open it in Qubicle constructor as a reference guide to make other races.

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This thread will be your friend :slight_smile:

Yay i got qubicle today \o/ now its time to animate all those badboy’s that have been stacking up :grinning:.

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Status update … Animating all those joints is a PAIN xD but no im not dead yet.


25/04/2014 Today is the day the whelp can move !!! \o/

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Mkay been silent for quite some time, but lil status update xD.
I’m currently looking into adding the dragon cub into the game and probably gonna pull its code from the rabbit and add in my own animations (hope that will work without a dragon hopping all over the camp xD)
No idea what it will require for it to work tho. Been reading up on the lua code of the rabbit to find out how much i’ll need to do.