Mystery of the (Not So) New Icon

In the Dekstop Tuesday as well as a couple Streams, we’ve seen a new icon that isn’t even in unstable.

Now I’ve speculated that I hope it’s the new quest icon, separating them from the notification panel. But then I found an old pic today, and now I really have no idea.

This was one of my screenshots back in R-256. We’re at R-806 now if that gives you an idea of how long ago that was. The same icon is there! That said, back then it was the Hearthling Menu that showed you who you had and allowed you to change their job. So now…I have no idea what that icon is for…

Just wanted to share this for people like myself that may have forgotten about it, or new people that didn’t know about this. If @sdee wants to be really nice, she could drop some hints to what it is. nudge nudge


Cthulhu! Cthulhu. He is coming!


Well isn’t it obvious? They’re introducing the necromancer who can conjure the the dead as shadow wraiths to use as slave labor. That tab will clearly let you manage your shadow wraith population.

It’s the only plausible explanation and wasn’t directly inspired or influenced by what happened in my D&D campaign last night or anything like that.

(Could you imagine if I was even close to right?)


Ooooooohhhhh, of course, it makes so much sense now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Totally explains why Stephanie leaked that Angelo made a Necromancer…

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This is a really gorgeous layout. :slight_smile:


I forgot just how much the center buttons changed until now! I remember really missing the old UI at first, but that was mostly because I was used to it and I doubt I could go back now.

Seems like the bar to the right hasn’t changed a bit, though. Surely it deserves some love after the unit info panel? Of course, it does do its job well as is, so maybe if it’s not broke…

Unless it's messages/quests... I don't know. Well, maybe ninjas, too.