Hungry thought png

I cannot find the thought_hungry.png so fatal question, someone knows where it is?



Hmmmm… Gasp into horde… Couldn’t imagine to find it there! BUT… That’s the old one! Any idea where is the new one?

It’s there, the one with the wooden fork and knife :confused:
Unless Tom changed it again or something.

Or do you mean the icon for when the hearthling is starving (debuff)?

Are you looking at the most recent stonehearth.smod folder?

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Yep! That’s pretty odd, a few minutes ago I was on my Windows partition and the preview was showing the old one. Back on mac, I see that indeed that’s the new one! Could it be some caching issue? Anyway, Tx a bunch Relyss, I was doubting of my sanity… :cold_sweat: