My workers stopped in the middle of building

They were working, and then they stopped. I had enough of the materials. What happened?

There are a few problems with building houses. They’re working on it but it takes time. If I can give you a tip, don’t build anymore until the bugs are solved :wink:
Some guys say that the prebuilt houses are “buildable” but I’m not sure about that

Alright… Yeah. They were building. Then one of them fell asleep.

All built in templates are buildable without issue. If you have found a time where they do not complete, it is likely due to something else. Try building them in a fresh game to see that they will complete :smile:.

@nowdothedoge, if you have found a building that they will not complete, please post it over in this thread (instructions in the linked post):


I was assuming. I don’t build the original ones, I wasn’t totally sure. But thanks for your answer :grin:

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Hey I had this same problem but I found that there were (not-so-obvious) in-game solutions from mine. I will describe my scenario to you and the solutions that I found but be warned because they seem highly individual and may not help you but might point you in the right direction.

In my case I was trying to build one dining hall and six of the two-person cottages (all of these are provided as default templates in game).

Three of these buildings were abandoned by my workers half-way through construction and all three were up against a 1-block high “hill” behind them since my town was constructed in one of those brown “basin” things you sometimes see on grassland maps.

For two of these houses the solution was to mine away on layer of blocks behind the house where they were in contact with the “hill” and this provided room for my builders to immediately start placing scaffolding and finishing the roof.

This was not true for my third house and I found the solution later on. Each of the houses were fitted with two mean-beds whether they were complete or not but I decided later on to upgrade to comfy beds when I had the resources. So I packed away the mean beds to begin with and precisely as the things were packed away they resumed and finished building the house after about 30 days of it being planned.

TL;DR: Furniture and terrain placement can obstruct building.


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