My open-source save/data file format


I know I might not seem like a coder, but I’m the creator of the infamous GDT Enlightening tool for Game Dev Tycoon, as well as with OpenChat both client and server.

As I needed some sort of save format for GDT Enlightening, I decided to create my own in a seperate library. This is made in Java, but it would be portable to C++ etc. pretty easily. It is already close to finished, and I will provide the repository on here soon!

And here is a very tasty chunch of the code: (Ironic, but it was the only part which looked somewhat proffessional)

If you have any interest for this, let me know :slight_smile: It will mostly be used by me when it comes to my programs, but it will be released under MIT or WTFPL for your use!