Dt: this game is rigged!



That is so cool.
This is the next step for me in modding. Just flat and solid models are not enough anymore, I need animations! :wink:

Do we noobs that never animated in stonehearth should wait for this transition? What exactly changes for modders that use animation in their works?

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Hey Bruno -

Animation just adds a little bit of complexity, otherwise, same as any other asset : ).

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Hey All - if you have a question about rigging/referencing/scripting, please flag me down with @malley so I get a message and can take a look : ).


Hi! I’m a comp sci student interested in going into game development. The mention of Python script got me curious, as I’m currently trying to teach myself a little of the basics. Without divulging company secrets, can you explain a little of what the Python script does and how it helped/was necessary?