Dt: enhancing animations



Yes! As an animator, I love watching these new updates. I’ve always thought Tom and Tony’s animations were cute, but it’s cool to see them start to get polished.

Also, welcome Richard Hough!


Yay! New person!

I’d wanna say Welcome to Richard, but i don’t know his ‘@’

And it’s awesome to see some animation related updates! Especially with Malley to make quality ones, smooth modded animations will feel more natural in our world of Hearth


The team is now a full two days into Alpha 19 development, which we anticipate will revisit Rayya’s Children.

Oooh. I’m excited about this! I’m really hoping this will include a revisit of the combat classes for Rayya’s, or even some new Carpenter/Mason recipes…

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Th animations realy look great :slight_smile:

What about animations depending on the state of the harthling?
For example a different walking animation when injured or tired?

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which we anticipate will revisit Rayya’s Children

I hope this means @Raj’s new music is going to be added soon. :notes: :headphones:


Thanks @Hyrule_Symbol! Summoning Richard via @Brackhar :smiley:


Why do you guys use 3ds Max over other animation/modeling software if you don’t mind me asking?

Especially since when it comes to Animations and Rigging 3ds Max isn’t exactly the program that comes to mind as the obvious choice.

Autodesk Maya and Max are the two most used programs for game mesh creation and animation. There are a few outliers… but those are the biggest ones.

I was wondering more why they don’t use Maya or Blendr over 3ds Max.

Maya and Blendr are superior in animating/rigging. And since they aren’t really using these programs for modeling then 3ds Max’s only “strength” is unused.