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Other Announcements
Stream! Stream should happen as usual this week, on Thursday, 6/8, at 6:00pm PST.

Other Work! Some of you have asked for updates on stuff we’re working on outside of conversations, so for completeness sake, let me mention some of the long-term projects we have going on in the background–active work on building performance and AI, prototypes to work out overarching metagame design, fixing endless edge cases with water volumes, and high level art concepts for future features.

New Engineer, Max Al-Shawabkeh! I’d also like to introduce you all to team Stonehearth’s newest engineer, Max! Max’s favorite games of 2016 were Rimworld and Stardew Valley, and he’s always wanted to make a city builder. Previous to Stonehearth, Max worked on other projects at Riot, and previous to that, he was a Tech Lead at Google working on Google Earth. Since joining Stonehearth a couple of weeks ago, Max has already made dramatic improvements to our animation technology, great contributions the engine work Tony and Angelo have recently done on a massive rendering abstraction project, and worked closely with Allie, Malley, Justin and Linda on the tech for showing thoughts inside conversation topics. We’re incredibly thrilled to have his talent, perspective, and taste on our team and we think you’ll agree–currently, his favorite Stonehearth food is berries, until we add either steak or ice cream.

Please swing by discourse.stonehearth.net and say hi to Max via @max99x



Hi @max99x, welcome to the Team!


Nice! Welcome! :smile:

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@max99x, welcome to Radiant. I’m very happy to see such talent working on SH. Have you ever played any of the classic City Building games, like Pharaoh, Caesar, Zeus series?

@sdee, thank you very much for addressing previously raised questions in the DT. I appreciate your professionalism and your attention to the supporters of the game. I see effort being spent on water. I’ve mostly been treating water as radioactive goop in my games, avoiding it as much as possible, except for scenic purposes. Does TR have a gameplay goal in mind for water yet?


Thanks for the welcome!

@Moai I LOVE Sierra’s city building series! I’ve played all of the ones since Caesar III, and I really want a good modern take on that genre! Lethis is the closest I found, but it doesn’t quite last. I wish Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom got a GoG port. The original has a lot of issues on modern machines.


Welcome @max99x

Excited to see what you bring to the fold!

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So…do you scream @max99x’s name like the Ninja Turtles used to do cowabunga? SHAWA-BKEH!!! Either way, welcome man!

I really appreciate @sdee mentioning the other features. The high-level art would be cool to see as it transitions to the final product.


We’re moving from Hearthlings feeling like building ants to babbling settlers, and I like it!

Also, welcome @max99x! According to my logic in people generating nicknames, you are 18 years old?


My email ends in 36 but I wasn’t born in 1936 :stuck_out_tongue:

…and of course now I’m wondering what the 99x is about :wink:

Much better than that turnip guy :smile:

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I’d doubt it looking at his profile pic… or are asians like me just weird…?

Anyhow, it’s awesome to have you join the team @max99x !!
And another person with the dark magic of coding…


According to my logic in people generating nicknames, you are 18 years old?

I wish.

I’m wondering what the 99x is about

Almost but not quite a hundred.


welcome @max99x, I hope you have fun developing the game :merry:

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Dayli update… @max99x has joined your town. :jubilant: Great to see the team expanding even more and i hope to get alot of great hours playing the game with your contributions!

@malley those animations look awesome :merry:


@malley A silly yet plausible idea for another “greeting” animation for big distances. Code name “Notice me senpai”. With Hearthling jumping and desperately waving hands over head.


Welcome to Stonehearth @max99x! :jubilant:

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lol, sounds cute : ).


Welcome to Stonehearth @max99x !! Always happy to have another engineer, you can never have enough turrets. :merry: