Dt: engineering conversations


Other Announcements
Stream: Stream happens as usual on Thursday at 6:00pm PST! Justin (and maybe Angelo) will be writing code together. Come with engineering questions and asks!

Other Work: This week, Justin gets a hero trophy for destroying a number of really weird bugs related to the latest version of SFML, our audio library. With any luck, this will stop Symantec and Avast from complaining about a file that we know is fine and that hasn’t changed in 4 years. If you see Symantec or Avast complaining about SH, let them know they’ve found a false positive via this link here. Everyone else continues as they were last week, on an interesting grab bag of long term prototypes (building, meta-level motivations), long-term retrofits (water), and more conversation items and bugfixes.


This episode really made me appreciate how much work has gone into the conversation system. I also felt like it was a small system for an entire update to focus on at first, even though I’ve come to like it, but… wow. Hopefully all this base code will make a whole range of further interactions easier to add.


Glad to see this system being implemented so deeply with the team. I look forward to seeing how other systems (building and water) are improved due to your new workflow.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Yes! This is what i’m talking about! The featur seems so small, but you can feel (and now see) how much thought went into it, it’s a stepping-stone for bigger goals, and that is a great way to carry on development so the game is fluid and smooth instead of being patchwork of features that barely fit one-another

But now with conversations off the DT, what will the next topic be? For the community’s sake i’d prefer a rather short series (maybe two or three, but four seems a bit too long) but i’m just interested in what’s next


As far as I can tell, hearthlings should have some kind of “memory” to keep tabs of conversation topics.
Does that mean they will remember with whom did they agree/argue the most? Looks like a good base to construct some friendship.


Nice to see this getting more and more fleshed out. Gives me another thing to watch beyond them building the things I set forth. At least when it is to be completed, or released to the default. Keep up the lovely work. :slight_smile:


Currently they don’t, but the system was built with an eye towards that exact feature. Once we get to social systems, one can imagine building dynamic friendships/rivalries based on regular agreements/disagreements with someone.