About the scripting language

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thanks you for all the great work you have already done in this game.
This seems so promitting, that’s why I wanted to support you and I buyed the early access.

I would like to know why did you choose Lua as the scripting language, and I may suggest you to switch to JavaScript.
I’m aware that it would not be an easy task to switch now as the game is pretty much advanced in term of development, but I would be so happy to mod something in JavaScript.
If you want to check about it, google provide a free API (v8 JavaScript Engine, you may have to check the licence agreement but I am pretty sure you can embedded it with no fees) that is enterly writted in C++ (I do believe that the latest versions are in C++11).

Anyway, I give a shot on Lua when we will be able to write anything.

Keep up the good works and again thank you so much for these amazing game.

Welcome to the Discourse, @Katra!

As far as which language - I know TR has mentioned somewhere why they chose Lua, I just can’t remember where. Maybe @8BitCrab might remember?

hmm… i dont believe that it is written anywhere, but i do believe that @Ponder explained why in one of his recent streams, could be wrong though.

If you know witch on was that stream and if it is still online, I like to ear theirs explanations, has I find the Lua syntax very heavy and outdated.