Core Game vs. Mods

It has been said that the Core Game is written in C++ and the Mods use LUA while the GUI is Browser based.

What I would like to know is what part of the game will be purely included in the Core and therefore not modable or at least not easy to mod.

I can’t answer your question, but I would love too see where you heard the GUI was browser based. This is not something I have heard of, and browser based games are the opposite of moddable.

The Devs specifically said that the UI would be able to be completely redone/reskinned/etc by anyone willing to do that.

I wish I could remember where I heard/saw it. It was HTML and something, Javascript maybe?

I’ll keep trying to find it if @Geoffers747 doesn’t beat me to it! :slight_smile:


@sdee : Also, Javascript/HTML for the UI.

(sdee is one of the Devs by the way.)

Oh, I wonder how that is going to work. Local files running on a browser? Interesting… Or maybe their client will just display the GUI in HTML/Javascript, allowing it to be made quickly and easily… Obviously if it is easily changable that is not a part of the things you can’t change @Ondaderthad

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Ah, the reason that’s not in the Q & A is because that was what pushed it over the character limit yesterday, thanks for reminding me, will add it now!

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@Galphan I’m sure they’ll come up with or have already come up with a genius idea of implementing it.
They seem to be really hitting the nail on the head with all their design decisions so far.
I would lean towards your second suggestion.

If they are going with a browser based GUI I would imagine that their client would be running it, much like how Planetary Annihilation is doing the GUI.

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It has nothing to do with a browser.

JavaScript and HTML can be used without a web browser, OP probably just associated those languages with it but that’s incorrect.

How would I go about using HTML and JavaScript without a browser?

My original question was more about the Core part of the game. That part we can’t mod and what is included in it.

As for the UI here is a Devs comment:
Our UI is written entirely in HTML and JS. Here’s a video of the new UI in action, along with a super brief technical breakdown.

Basically the UI runs as a transparent Google Chrome window on top of the game. 100% of the UI is written in HTML and Javascript, which will make it super easy to mod.

And the archive video here.

A browser is a piece of software that can use HTML and JavaScript, that doesn’t mean other programs can’t. And if an other program can use those, it doesn’t mean it’s a browser.

Just because the HTML/Javascript is read through a browser doesn’t mean it has to be connected to the internet. You can design websites on your own (programs like Adobe Dreamweaver are helpful), but you don’t need to upload it to a server just to look at it, web browsers will open local HTML files as well.

The point of my question was to find out WHAT programs can run HTML/JavaScript outside of a browser. I am very aware it can be used offline and made in a variety of different software (Even microsoft word has the ability to create web pages). What hasn’t been answered was what program does this. If you want to get technical, anything that displays or allows you to view HTML is a browser, even the HTML viewers in any of my IDEs are still called/considered browsers. And watching the UI demonstration, and reading the quote posted by @Ondaderthad it is STILL a browser.

Basically the UI runs as a transparent Google Chrome window on top of
the game

So, to finish up, yes the game runs in a browser, I was wondering and that has been answered. Now i am curious what other software that isn’t considered a browser is used to view/run HTML/Javascript files.

JavaScript is often used for scripts with Java programs.

Anyways, interesting quote, but I wouldn’t directly calling it a browser, a browser is used to browse the web, and calling it a browser confuses people making them think it’s a browser-based game.
But whatever, it doesn’t really matter how we call it.

The UI is definitely looking amazing :slight_smile:

Also, to reply to the main topic, there is probably very very little that you can perceive or interact with in the game that is not changeable, considering nearly all the game is a mod in itself. I wouldn’t be concerned with being limited by unchangeable functions in the engine. If anything, they may provide a way to alter even the engine, allowing you to change any and everything in the game.

A browser is a program used to interpret HTML/CSS (or other web based codes) into what you see in front of you. It is in no way reliant on the internet, or access to a network, but simply reads and displays certain types of files at specified locations. A Web Browser is all of that, plus the added benefit of being made to work through the World Wide Web. Newer browsers tend to also have a lot more added functionality, but that isn’t what I am talking about. If the UI is HTML/Javascript, and they are using a cut down version of Chrome to display the game, then it is run in a browser. It would be a browser based game. Calling it something else would be incorrect and far more misleading than educating someone.

With the video you linked, you’re indeed right and they say themself that it’s Chrome. I stand corrected.

Though, for the other people, this doesn’t mean it’s a browser game as someone was already worried in this thread.

Also, in my post, I did explicitly say web browser.

Java swing labels (JLabel) render HTML and are in no way considered a “browser”. Not all applications that render HTML are browsers.

I must restate my original question since my thread got hijacked by the browser/gui discussion.