JSON Processing continued

Hi Guys,

I’ve finished processing the JSON files into one table / file now (thanks again for the help).

Link here: http://1drv.ms/1Nqn9Dd (this appears to open in excel on-line which is super cool :))

I’ve added some pivot tables to show each field in various files; or you could just open the data sheet to see it all. :smile:

This has made it quite a bit easier for me to see the elements of each “thing”, how they relate, and what the differences are. There are some bits that are a little “wonky”, but I’ve found it quite useful and interesting so far so thought I would share it.

I especially found it interesting that some of the buffs for levelling up appear to be removed on demote; I wish I did not wait until my Trapper was level 4 for the additional backpack space, when I could have promoted to Shepherd much sooner. I know that the game is not fully balanced yet, and they are working towards backpacks for everyone which is awesome :slight_smile:

These are the files that are referenced in manifest.json; I still need to do the child files; which is going to take some thought around how to structure it / which columns to add to make it make sense to me.

I’ll update this post with the finished article :smile:

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Whoa… so much raw data in one place! That’s beautiful.


Thanks :blush:

It was hard to choose the best way to pivot and filter the data as there is so much there, and a lot of clean-up still to do!!!