My humble indie game

Thanks Zonto :smile: hopefully i might be able to show off some more today.


about 17ish years i’ve been messing around with making things, only prototypes mostly but its fun to make things come to life on screen, it also gives me a creative outlet which i really need, its a great sense of accomplishment when you get something working like an inventory or something, designing i find quite fun too, weighing up different stats and how to make things gamey too.

i’d encourage anyone to give it a go, trying to copy a simple thing you enjoy in a game and work from their, a bit like learning an instrument, find a song or riff you like and try to replicate it and practice :).

Went off a little by myself there heh

[edit]oops i wrote 1ish years


Ice planet pt.1


Hmm. Not sure that quite works for me. I think the surface looks too jagged perhaps? I think that at the scale of a planet, you’re going to want fewer straight lines and such. Google has some nice ideas…


Thanks Teleros :smile:

i should’ve said that its the planet view, it will have an atomsphere over it when in the ship but that still really helps thanks, i wasn’t too sure about some of the jaggies like the one triangle white bit at the top but i’ll iterate and again and again heh :smiley:


Just thought of a nice atmosphere effect to give planets a dusty atmosphere, too early to say if i can pull it off but 1st things first heh


ah i need to know a pixel artist…sigh

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@Shizuyori that sounds for a cry for help…Anybody got any time and interest to help ?

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a little bit yea lol but i’ll get there too :wink:

Are you still here, @Shizuyori? Did you ever make any more progress? If so, I’d love to see it!

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I’m still here, thanks for asking, the game has taken a little back seat for the time being due to life things but it’s not been forgotten :smile:
I think I’ll open up access to all to give it a go and get some more ideas,

The game doesn’t have many gamey type things in it yet for example there’s only a few things to do and 1 hidden thing and I had thought of turning the combat in to a turn based final fantasy type thing so I spent some time (read: too much time) working on a turn based combat system, I’m not sure how well it would fit but I suppose it would make the game more niche, sort of like a pixel art galak-z mixed with ftl, and combat like final fantasy 7 & 10 & 12 (imagine David Brent melting pot hands) fusion…hybrid baby thing.

Now I’ve descended in to making no sense I’ll stop.