My humble indie game

I’ve been working on my own game for a little while now and was wondering if people here would be interested in seeing some of it?

The game is a semi top-down pixel-art space exploration game that my gf and I have been working out ideas for, so it’s rather personal to me but I know this community to be mostly friendly so I thought I’d try sharing it…

It’s only in alpha (not feature complete let alone bug free) but it keeps me busy doing the graphics and coding etc and when it’s more feature complete story elements will be added…

Ideally I’d like to have my own studio making games but struggle with the graphics…

Now I’ve tried my best to minimise expectations, would anyone be interested in seeing some screenshots?


It sounds pretty cool, wouldnt mind seeing some screenshots :), How long have you been making games?

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I would certainly like to see screenshots, and hear more about your game.

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i would love to see screenshots :smile:

P.S. welcome to the discourse @Dosk


absolutely! always love seeing new indie titles… thanks for sharing! :+1:


Screenshots would certainly be welcome! Always happy to see what people are doing with their time :slight_smile:


So yes, let’s see a few pics :slight_smile: .


thinks about my life, what do i do with my time…? i sit and read stuff on the discourse all day…

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Cool, thanks for the interest :smile:, trying to take screenshots is something i’m realising it has to be something i’m not ashamed of hah

here’s something…

So basically you play as a person, i’m going to call him 3colourdude for the time being, its set in another universe in some sort of futuristic setting, you start out by crafting your ship and then go off exploring and in search of stuff that drives the story which hasn’t been decided on yet…

the planets and solar system is all dynamically generated so each time you create a new game everything is different…there’s some (minor) crafting (at the moment) to build shields and weapons which uses data similar to borderlands’ system, shield rarity, capacity, damage those sort of things…

i’ll try to think of more things as they come to me, you can currently travel between planets, craft 2 recipes (ship weapons & ship shields), gather metals from asteroids/comets, saving/loading, quests and a hidden quest (to tease my completionist friends)…

i’m currently working on the UI for the ship’s inventory screen… there are some graphics missing for 1 of the planets which hopefully if i get done within the next week i might share the latest build…


Thankya :smile: //posttooshort

Another screenshot…

[edit] this has already changed the list is a bit different in the sense that you can tell what’s equipped now and works (for now) and shows the details of the weapon you’re equipping.


Oh i love Borderlands :D, overall sounds really cool hope to see updates :smiley:

Why’s it called Turtle?

Very cool! :smile:
As a small-time game dev myself, I always find myself intersted in other games besides my own.

So I can squish it :wink:

On a serious note, I love the way your going @Shizuyori keep us posted on your progress!


Hehe, it’s called Turtle as a code name, I give all my projects names after animals :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to do randomly generated cities on the planets too a bit like how the solar systems are random too but I can’t figure out how to graphically do the cities, looking at images of cities from space on google looks good but I can’t figure it out :confused:


Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone :slight_smile:

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This looks interesting!

I doubt anybody has ever played Burning Sand 2 - it was one of the falling sand games - but there was a mod that let you mess around with planets: - This website is for sale! - falling-sand-game Resources and Information. (iGalaxy)
It would simulate the planet’s surface in the middle part of the planet.

Are your planets sliced through, Starbound style or will you simulate a surface along the entire visible area of the planet?

Looks good so far, hope we can see it in action soon!


That looks really interesting too thanks phector!

The planets are a mix of the two in a way, they’re an odd perspective and a different perspective from the ships perspective, the ships perspective and how it controls is practically a 1:1 with that game Asteroids but the planets is a mix of top down and from the side a bit like any snes style RPG and a side scrolling shootem-up. There will be cities and places to visit which will cut to a Pokemon only view (top down again) but I’m thinking I’d like to do something like the game Freaking Meatbags but again only from an aesthetic point of view not how it controls or gameplay etc :slight_smile: thanks for the interest :slight_smile:


Looks like a really cool game good luck on it!