My game doesn't want to work with the ACE mod

So I installed the ACE mod and when I launch the game, the games stays on the Radiant menu i tried with resetting the UI and it got me to the main menu but then only a few thing from the menu worked like “about, settings and multiplayer” the singleplayer didn’t work I also use other mods, I had UI error before the ACE mod and didn’t know how to fix it. Can someone help me solve the problem with the ACE mod and the UI error.
Here are the mods that I use
1.Anorien biome
3. Necromancer job
4.Candledark but probably outdated ver
5.Dani’s Stonehearth mods
6.Grove biome
7.Mod repairer
8. Hearth-Tec
9.Ace composting