ACE Button disapeared

Hey there!

Not a major bug or anything but I just noticed on my laptop the ace button is missing? though on my desktop it’s still there? Is this normal/new?

If you just installed the game on that computer, it might not show the button until it’s able to download ACE in the background? Or perhaps another mod is conflicting with the main screen UI.

Edit: You may also need to go into your mods screen once in order to properly trigger that.

Hmm I got no other mods installed and I’ve reinstalled this one twice. Also tried disabling it in the mod menu.

This isn’t a fresh install either, I unsubscribed and resubscribe to ACE in the workshop as I was testing multiplayer with a Mac around a week ago, but didn’t notice this till today

I’ve also had my ACE button disappear on the main launch window, however, it is installed and working correctly. Check your Mods button to make sure it’s there and checked. It may not be on the main screen anymore. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled (cleared all files, etc) and it has been consistent that the ACE button is not on the launch screen anymore.

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Whenever I start game without steam it goes away. It’s coded to check for steam. Just FYI.

Not saying that’s the problem.