No ACE option available

Just bought this game on steam however have no ACE mod feature in the game have tried uninstall and re-install a couple of times but still no joy am not getting the drop down in the mod section of the game

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  1. Go to steam workshop
  2. Find ACE
  3. Subscribe

(I’ve had to do this as well)
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Depending on what you mean by this, the game may be having trouble connecting to Steam and the Workshop, which can happen even when everything else is working properly, but it usually works if you’re connected and logged in on Steam when you launch the game and go to the Mods view. If that part is working, and you properly see the three columns for directory, workshop, and uploads, then you should do as @nikosthefan suggested and use the Steam Workshop to manually subscribe to ACE.

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Thanks for the prompt response that did the trick,unfortunately when i try and load the game with the mod active i get a black screen with just the music which means i have to deactivate the mod before i exit the game and reactivate it when i restart a minor inconvenience i know but bit annoying.

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You can try pressing F5 or any of the other solutions in numerous threads on these forums.

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