Muted game at random :(



A few months ago it started. I hoped something would miraculously change. It happened one day on initial start-up, and the game sound has been gone since. It’s as if the game itself is muted, but it’s not. At all. The sound could be maxed and the mute box empty, and still nothing. I’ve archive invalidated it a few times in case my awry installing of several mods deleted something, though it didn’t seem to help. Reinstalled it once to no avail. Perhaps I broke something else, but I don’t know where to start. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I wonder if you antivirus/firewall or other 3rd party application is blocking our sound library :thinking:

We use sfml for audio, there are 2 .dll files for it inside the Stonehearth folder.

We’ve received reports of muted games intermittently but this is the first time I heard about no sound at all no matter the times the game is restarted.

Seems they started when we updated sfml to a more recent version. I’ll merge this report.


Thank you for the reply. I won’t rule out any possibility. Sound works beautifully on my partner’s rig, but her’s is also brand new and top tier… Mine’s old and mid tier by the standards of 7 years ago. I wonder if somehow the updates and my current hardware are no longer compatible? Wouldn’t mind if so, I still play and still will, just means it’s REALLY time to upgrade hahaha.