Multiplayer optimizing

I have been playing this game for a week now and love the concept, I only play this game multiplayer with friends but the game always becomes unplayable when we have around 30 civs. I have been searching the forum and found many people with the same problem but no proper solution. My question is if the devs are working on optimizing the multiplayer experience.

Hi! from what I understand no, they are no longer developing the game or looking to optimize the game any further, just bug fixing at this point. :frowning:

The amount of hearthlings you can handle will generally come down to your system/rig, I was recently in a game with a friend where we’ve gotten to 33 each and decided to stop there as performance as slowing down but was stable. And when you think of it that’s 66 hearthlings, in singleplayer i’d consider that to be a lot for one player.

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could modders do anything?..

Nothing you can’t do yourself to be honest, such as don’t take any pets, don’t use golems, clear camps/mobs as they spawn and don’t leave items out in stockpiles by putting them in boxes, anything that can reduce cpu usage will positively impact the performance of your game.

Golems are actually a good thing, since they require much less processing/pathing than a regular hearthling (they’re basically either idle or working, they don’t have personal needs, they don’t path to beds to sleep, to food to eat, to other golems to chat, they don’t have a lot of under-the-hood things to track, thoughts, etc…)

So the truth is that if you can “replace” haulers and workers for golems over time and just keep the job hearthlings, that would be the best :jubilant: … creepy, but the best :jubilant:

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Nah not that creepy dani, II have at some point concidered doing the vinci from rise of legends next after I feel I’m done with my nordlings, and my idea was to start with your starting lings and not give you any new ones or very few ones. But give you like clockwork men you could make that run most of your civ.

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Create a new faction that is like a league of extraordinary gentlemen

have one starting hearthling of an “inventor” class and have each class be actually a quest-chain where you recruit other extraordinary gentlemen (and then a hearthling with such job joins you).
Have all jobs only do their jobs, no hauling/mining/building/etc.
so you only have super skilled professional hearthlings
the rest (all the work, mining, hauling, building, foraging, farming and even fighting) is done by robots and gadgets built by the inventor.