Multiplayer mode

Hi! I’M following this game from a while and I think that the concept is very good. But the best think it could be introduced is the multiplayer mode. I was thinking about two cities in the same biome, a larger biome, and they could both cooperate and fight each other.
A player.
P.s. sorry for my english but I’m from Italy :blush:

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If you use the search function up in the top right corner, you will find a lot more about this topic…A lot!
To summarize the subject here quickly, i can say that the developers are already working on a possible solution.

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Yeah that is a great idea, they also should add trading and lending system for the multiplayer mode, Example: When you are on the Multiplayer server and you want to raid some goblin camp but doesn’t have enough man and weapon, you can’t borrow your friend some man with a exceptable price to finish that task. (sorry, bad english) :stuck_out_tongue:

I watch this Dev Video.
Didn’t expect MP at all.


But I think for a multiplayergame it would be nice if each settlement can have it’s own SportsTeam, each team member with own stats, buffs from sportwear then players compete in sports in Arenas or Sportcenters. (Running Place start block and end block anything in between is track x 2)

-Realtime or Turn based or pure AI, Sport mini games Player Heartling Team B vs Player Heartling Team A
-Challenge, Honor , Reputation, win / loss, prizes

(Export your team to a handheld, mini sport battles)

An old template of mine… would be great with some actual players on it :rofl:

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