Multiplayer Modes in the Future [Ideas]

I have been following the stonehearth developers since the begining and i noticed that they are trying so hard to make the game the most enjoyable for everyone by hearing our feedback.

Everybody has been now asking for multiplayer but there is a lack of ideas so I want to bring mine to be discussed.

Lets start…

Multiplayer Modes:

Coop (One village)

  • One village being controled by multiple players;
  • Some ideas from below can be used in this mode.

Coop (Multiple villages)

  • Many villagers being controled by multiple players;
  • Trade (using caravans,villagers carring goods by hand/backpack);
  • (Optional) Portal of “death” (big portal that acts like an event) when it opens there is a massive wave of monsters that rush to random village, everyone will need to defend they lovely friend. (or watch him die) xD
  • The more players the harder it becomes;
  • (Solo) Monster raids (event like the portal) attacks a random village;
  • (Multiple) Monster raids (event like the portal) attacks multiple random villages;
  • Boss waves at the center of the map; (don´t colonize the center…)
  • I don´t think that the coop mode needs a village leader because no one will be fighting against each other.

Village War

  • Fight agains everyone
  • (Optional) No Monsters , i think that they might unbalanced the game;
  • Kill the village Leader (like the regicide mode in age of empires, no camping inside the castle).
  • Villages should have a build/mine radius to prevent players from doing… you know
  • If a player build a wall you should get the engineer and make an explosive to blow the wall

Protect the flag

  • Like the “Village War Mode” but without a leader (you must destroy the other player flag…yes the flag has health), the flag can´t be moved.

Net Worth Race

  • The player that reaches the Required Net Worth wins the game;
  • War against other players should be an option;
  • (Optional) Timed Race (the player with the most Net Worth wins in the determined time).

Kill the Boss

  • Boss in the middle of the map (the player who kills the boss wins the game);
  • Kill the boss or kill the players (you choose);
  • Boss will summon minions;
  • Boss regens health with time at fast speed to prevent someone from “stealing the victory”;
    If someone takes like 90% of the boss and loses the other player won’t be able to take the victory because the health will be regens to fast.
  • When the boss finds that no one is nearby it will begin regen is life.

I hope that you guys like my ideas for the future updates, i think that they would work very well because i am a good thinker. :joy::joy:

I will begin working in mods in the future as well post some building templates, all of this for the first time.

Thanks for reading this big list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why not just make one suggestion…PVP? But i like how you try to wrap it up into other stuff haha :slight_smile:

Good idea with a list kinda thing, there could be some interesting ideas out there (besides the classic, lets rip the head of eachother) ?

What if the players competed against the goblins? It could be a competition to build the highest tower of gold or carrots :slight_smile:

Treasure hunt? The players need to find a burried treasure somewhere on the map… The more players working together on the digging, the faster they can achieve the goal. The treasure could contain some kind of super weapon (just like the windchime that stops the mountain) And will be needed before a timer runs out? After the timer runs out, a massive army or a titan comes along and the players need to defend themselves :slight_smile:

Teamwork vs. internal strife… what reality do you prefer?


I think there are many games that you van turn multiplayer into. I hope there will be good ways to mod them in.
Variety is always good when it comes to this.


We do not plan to support PvP, but it can be modded in. We tried setting the player factions to be enemies as a joke during one of our playtests, and while it had a bunch of random bugs (e.g. workers would try to attack other players’ workers, then immediately get scared and flee), it worked at a core level. To make it fun would require the mod to be quite elaborate, but it’s certainly possible.


Sometimes wraping everything is a good thing because it leads to innovation.

I like the idea of competing against the goblins, the goblins would be barbarians with a small village that upgrades with time and our main quest could be to vanquish them or kill their leader.

Making a AI that don’t cheat is difficult so a competition against a computer could be a problem :thinking:

I like the idea of treasure hunting, why not instead of a game mode a Quest? a quest appears with a map and you must find a generated “dungeon” with a chest inside. (like minecraft)

The main mode for multiplayer should be definitively “Coop” with some sub-modes that could be selected.

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