Multiplayer Enhanced (WIP)

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Improves multiplayer functionality.

This mod will focuses mostly on headless server mode while enhancing some multiplayer capabilities.

More details on headless mode will be put in later. Headless server mode works with the capability to save the game. However, it leads to crashes sometimes when reloading the save.

This is still a work in progress project, but I figured since I’m tossing it on the workshop, I’ll just make a post about it.


  • Remote players can join before host player places his camp
  • Auto-enable multiplayer settings when running a headless server with auto-generation or loaded save file

Compatibility Issues

  • None that are known so far…

Planned Features

  • Game master mode where the host isn’t a player, but can spawn and create campaign events
  • Headless game saving for auto-generation mode
  • Loading of save game through launcher where it will auto configure the save game metadata for you

Change Log
  • v1.0 - Initial Release

Sounds cool! Collor me interested :slight_smile:



That reminded me so much of the good and old days of Neverwinter Nights multiplayer! I loved playing DM!
I can already imagine a ton of cool stuff that could stem from this… Let me know if you want some ideas thrown at you :smiley:


Yeah! that’s exactly the idea with DM! D&D build up a team of adventures that can explore the world. I need to figure out how to create fog of war so players can’t see everything. It’s not fun when the surprise is ruined.

I’ll appreciate any ideas. I am focused on core functionality. Such as, being able to create structures as a DM. creating custom dialogs with responses. Saving portions of the campaigns to be re-used later or to surprise the players.

I will take it as far as it can go. Might even need @RepeatPan 's cool http dll hack to save and restore data.

Fog of war exists in a sense, it’s just not applied to many things. Ore is one example. I forget if that’s purely via a renderer though, in which case it wouldn’t be easily applicable to entities in general. However, in ACE discussions about dungeons, I think we discussed landmarks as the most likely existing functionality we could take advantage of; I think they also don’t fully show up until you’ve explored near them? I suppose you may also want the kind of fog that closes back around you as well, so you don’t have perpetual vision of everywhere you’ve been, but if they’re all using the same player vision regions in some service somewhere (I know I’ve seen it before but can’t find it now) then you could probably just modify the logic for that.

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This mod idea is really promising! If you have any questions about how systems work, feel free to PM me.

No, it’s on the server, and replicated to the clients to render.

Yes, it’s a region per player stored in a service. You can restore explored FoW by modifying the regions. I remember we did it for one of the word-summoning prototypes.

Ore and landmarks have an option in their JSON to either spawn on world creation or when a player character gets nearby. IIRC that works off a simple distance check rather than the FoW system.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS!!! Sorry for yelling. But I’ve been waiting in the shadows for this forever. Multiplayer will save this game. It’s just simple gamer logic. The only thing better than creating something beautiful is showing it off to others!

Thanks for the information on FoW. I’ll have to explore the service.

What are these landmarks that are being mentioned? I haven’t fully completed a game yet in Stonehearth. One day I’ll get a geomancer.

Things like bunny statues, ruins, cemeteries… you’ll know when you see one, they’re not very big and they don’t quite look like they belong in the surrounding area.

Unless you want to effectively store data in the cloud, which sounds like a rather crude thing to do, I could also offer you a version that adds some rudimentary save/load mechanics for strings. A key-value store, basically.

Landmarks are preset well “buildings”
But the get “printed” into the landscape and are minable.
Think the giant stoneling stuck in the landscape, or oasises, or stuff like that. Ruins