Multiplayer & Mods

After playing an entire day multiplayer games (btw very very funny and time consuming xD) i noticed maybe a bug ore something that shouldn’t work this way.

The host started a game with some active Mods. To join the game you have also to activate all the mods and this is great that just with one click you can do this. But the issue was that one of the Mods was that one i created and uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

To join the game i had to activate my mod with a subscription. So i have it twice active (one time in the mod list and another time in the “My Mod” list)


I had the same issue. I am owner of the Yangz Yings mod and i had to turn of my upload and subscribe to my own mod.

I see why this should stay since my upload was actually a newer with unfinished features in it so having to use the latest steam workshop version seems like a solid idea.

It is a good thing that its easy to just turn off and on mods in the menu ^^

That’s true but i think “Workshop Uploads” should be also recognised as “Subsribed Workshop Mods”. Just to avoid duplicates and continuing activate/deactivate of the single mods :smiley: :smiley:


i kinda agree…and disagree.

for one thing, if you are working on your own mod, but havent pushed the update to the workshop yet, the workshop version and your local version can be different, leading to issues… :confused:|
(if working in the steam upload folder version)


Oh i didn’t considered this case :open_mouth:

That’s true. Maybe also much better how it works right now…

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