Mods wont load via steam


Steps to reproduce:

  1. I check the mods ı subsicribed
  2. I launched the game
  3. NO MODS

Expected Results:
Game runs with mods
Actual Results:


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:
İ7 4700 HQ 2,4 ghz-3,4 ghz turbo
16 gb ram
Nvidia gtx850m 4 gb

@Tubedis, in the Mods menu inside the game, could you see the middle column?

There’s an issue where Steam doesn’t know that you’re logged in, and so the game thinks Steam is not present either, so it doesn’t load the workshop mods.

This is a Steam issue, sometimes restarting helps. When this happens, you can’t even see recommendations in the Steam store page, it shows you buttons to login, which is pointless because you’re already logged in.