Stonehearth.log does not identify workshop mods that are loaded

The stonehearth.log file does not identify which mods are loaded via the Steam Workshop. It also seems to trip on the [M] either when you have mods in the pre-upload area or when you install mods via the workshop. It trips for me when I am only using a subscribed mod.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download some mods from the workshop
  2. Start a new game
  3. Look over the stonehearth.log file

Expected Results:
A listing of all the mods (and possibly if they are local .smod, extracted smods, workshop, or local workshop (unpublished).

Actual Results:
Only legacy mods and extracted smods appear in the log.


stonehearth.log (31.7 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use: (x64) - Finery Mod

System Information:

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You can find a list of the local/subscribed/uploaded mods in your user_settings.json, rather than in the stonehearth.log, although I think they will still remain listed there even after you unsubscribe from them :confused:

Thanks for reporting this! It’s bad that the [M] doesn’t appear in the log for workshop mods, this can complicate diagnosing the errors. It should at least appear after restarting the game.

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One extra thing to note is that mods will only appear in this list after their state has changed at least once (from activated to deactivated or deactivated to activate). If you simple drop a mod into your folder or subscribe, it does not appear there. (Mods not listed there are considered activated by default)


This will be fixed in the next build.
The fix is only for the missing [M] when playing the game with workshop / uploaded mods.

In the log you will only see either “Modules are verified pristine” (no external mods or all mods are disabled) or “Modules have been modified by the user” (if there’s any mod enabled). These messages also print any time mods get loaded.

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Thanks for the update. Is this the final design or more of a stopgap? If it is the final design can you explain the reasoning?