Plese help with this

All my mod disappeared

But i check my mod folder they still their please help

Is your game bought or pirated

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im going to assume this is not the steam version based off of the folder name and the fact that you have so many local mods downloaded, so sorry man, no clue. if it was the steam version i’d have said restart steam, that usually fixes it then.


It’s strange that not even the base mods are listed there :thinking:
Probably restarting should help. If it doesn’t, perhaps there’s some info in the stonehearth.log (maybe some mod is overriding a UI file or other and it’s breaking your list - in extreme cases you can disable mods in your user_settings.json file).

The fact that they don’t appear there doesn’t mean that they’re not loaded (the Mods menu wouldn’t be accessible if the base game hadn’t loaded correctly, for example).


@Relyss Wooo! Nice to see you around :merry:

Here’s a guess - rename the file ace_composting(1.1).smod to just ace_composting.smod and see if it works :jubilant:

Also, I see you have some old/not so recently updated mods like fortify (be mindful of these, they might cause issues) and also some that you probably downloaded from github directly like Kaimonkey’s Traits that needs renaming of the folder as well. (rename it to kmnky_traits)

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