Multi-Story Buildings

Using a system of manually-placed scaffolding not unsimilar to earlier in this thread, I was able to get my workers to work. It seems I may have overdone scaffolding - they seemed to need only one ladder for the whole thing and one on the posts.

May the world be jealous of the fine craftsmanship and ladder engineering happening within the great walls fences of Berryburg!

Can ladder-placing building-finishing engineers become canon? Please? :blush:

I’m pretty sure it’s already well on its way to becoming canon…

So. Many. Ladders.

Woooo roads ! Great Idea !

I love the arches of your stairs ! I’ll try that :smile:

Do you believe in the strength of CID’s ladder?


Here’s the great staircase and nearly-finished archway from my Grand Sina project.

The new erase function allows you to make a lot more structures than before in Alpha 5. I’m sad to say that the Grand Sina saves are getting too corrupted to load by this point, so this is probably the farthest it’ll get. On to the next!


Short vid. little over a minute. Just me playing with height. Started getting save errors at this point and they wouldn’t collect any more stone and quit working on the roof.


Still short on time… but wanted to share something nonetheless - couldn’t resist trying the new alpha 7 unstable build :slight_smile:

Might not be the first multiple-story building or the first castle… But I’m fairly sure it’s the first evil summoning ritual circle? :stuck_out_tongue:

If there’s a Cid… There must be an Anti-Cid…

I now summon you forth… My lord… Gulg.


in the famous words of Shang Tsung …

It has begun!!

:smile: :+1:


Don’t forget, you need to incorporate some sort of multi-story element to it!

…maybe an obelisk or temple, or…

(perhaps underground…)

I’m going to have to look into this stuff, once the Fort Lias Cathedral project is finished (or explodes)!


Soooooo Branch update is out with MINING!

All hyped i decided to begin my underground fortress building. It is on the small side but it was more to try stuff out and not make the most impressive fortress (yet).

On the Image below i made a little farm outside with a stair upwards on the hill where i had a few farms. Down below i made a small entery with a thick wall with double door and lots of braziers and gargoyles. On the right side there is a little dorm, In the middle i got my dining room with lots of chair’s and tables and on the left of the dining room there is a stockpile room with workshops from the 3 crafters and a organized stockpile.

Sadly when i wanted to make some pictures it crashed so only got this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am planning to make a big extensive fortress with building build underground and not just dug out like this. So what do you guys think?


For the record : I tried to save the template of ONE stage of a multi-story tour, just to add it over the top of the last one … and this does not work even if you :

  • create it with an ODD size … because you wont be able to center it later otherwise, since its align on voxels
  • you have to put at least a single line of floor to be able to place it since the template must be centered …

So if you find a solution to build tower a little faster, i’m all ears :smile:

Hm, I’ve been just digging around all day long over here. :slight_smile: I used to play a lot of dwarf fortress, so it’s just what I do.

Just a tip, u don’t have to build the ladders as they go up, just double the ladders out, and they will scaf on top of them

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Another tip. Not sure if it’s been mentioned.
You don’t have to put ladders on every block the entire length of the wall. Putting ladders with a 2 block space between them works fine. The workers can build the block directly above the ladder and one block in either direction to the side.

Just something to help speed up the process.


I just find it easier to double up ladders, back to back to the height of the base ur building. they will build scaffolding on top of the ladders if you do

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Hi again, what do you mean by double the ladders ?

This does work. but sometimes u have to put ladders sideways to get this to happen.

Or you can just run the ladder up. ( but you have to babysit them). They do build the block above ladder and the left and right block

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Would you like the add to this thread? I’m sure there are many people who would love to see your work and know how you built these. Thank you.

did you actually build this.